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Griff is an excellent hunter with a great nose. We've carried him out to South Dakota to hunt pheasant for the past 5 years, and he has always done really well. He's had several points on wild birds, and also makes a great dead-bird dog for doves. His hips are OFA-Good. In the first video Griff shows off his nose on a planted quail. The second video was shot last year in South Dakota, and if you skip to the last scene you'll see Griff trailing a running rooster (which I was unaware of) and then retrieving.

Griff's Pedigree


Catfish is a medium-sized French Brittany with a great personality. She has tons of energy, but is also great in the house and with kids. She is also a very athletic dog who loves to hunt anything that she can find. We have had one litter between Catfish and Griff before, and I've heard nothing but good feedback from those pups.

Catfish's Pedigree
Sorry for the low quality, I'll have a better one up soon.


CJ is a larger female with a laid back and loving temperament. Much like Catfish, she's great inside and plays hard outside. She's also very experienced around children and does really well. CJ's hips are OFA-Good. We have had great reviews from the pups out of previous breedings!

CJ's Pedigree

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