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This is our stud dog, Gauge. He is a wavy-curly Boykin of medium size. He has a very gentle temperament and loves to be around people.
Coat Type: Curly
OFA Heart Certification Number:BY-CA513/18M/P-NOPI
OFA Hip Certification Number: BY-1773G25M-NOPI "GOOD"

Gauge's Pedigree

This is Cammie. She has a larger build for a female, and loves to retrieve. We took her to South Dakota this past year, and she did really well on wild pheasants. She had never seen a pheasant before, but she retrieved the first one that was shot over her. I couldn't have been more proud of the way she hunted for us.
Coat Type: Wavy
OFA Heart Certification Number:Have not tested yet
OFA Hip Certification Number: Have not tested yet.

Cammie's Pedigree

This is Gabby. She retrieved her first dove when she was 3 months old. She has a small, athletic frame.
Coat Type: Wavy
OFA Heart Certification Number:BY-CA512/14F/P-NOPI
OFA Hip Certification Number: She's not two years old yet and has not been tested.

Gabby's Pedigree

Romi is a medium-sized Boykin with straight hair. She is our most laid-back female.
Coat Type: Straight
OFA Heart Certification Number:BY-CA508/63F/P-NOPI

Romi's Pedigree

Bogie is a medium sized Boykin who is almost as crazy about retrieving as Jenny is. She loves to swim and chase frogs around the pond. This picture does a great job of showing her curls when her hair is grown out. We mostly have to keep her hair cut short now to keep her cool and keep burrs from bothering her.
Coat Type: Wavy
OFA Heart Certification Number:BY-CA510/39F/P-NOPI
OFA Hip Certification Number:BY-1560G27F-NOPI "GOOD"

Bogie's Pedigree

Lucy is one of our smaller Boykins with a wavy-to-curly coat. She is a fun-loving dog with a great temperament.

Coat Type: Wavy to Curly

OFA Hip Certification Number:BY-2172G25F-NOPI "GOOD"

OFA Heart Certification Number:BY-CA829/25F/P-NOPI

Lucy's Pedigree

Ruby is a sister of Cammie, and is a medium-sized Boykin with a wavy coat. She has a very gentle temperament with a laid-back attitude.

Coat Type: Wavy

OFA Hip Certification Number:BY-2168G35F-NOPI "GOOD"

OFA Heart Certification Number:BY-CA828/35F/P-NOPI

Deacon is our new male. He's got a very nice, wavy coat and a medium-sized build. He's a pretty laid back Boykin that loves to chase a tennis ball.

Deacon's Pedigree

Tori is one of our younger females. She has a wavy coat and is medium-sized. Tori is a very loving and active dog with a great temperament.

Tori's Pedigree

OFA Heart Certification Number:BY-CA905/24F/P-NOPI

Nelli is a dark, curly Boykin with a laid back temperament. She is medium-sized with a very gentle personality.

Nelli's Pedigree

OFA Hip Certification Number:BY-BY2273G45F-NOPI "GOOD"

OFA Heart Certification Number:BY-CA894/45F/P-NOPI

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