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This page will be an ongoing work-in-progress. Over the years we've had a quite a few people email us and let us know how pleased they are with their pups. I plan to use this space to display some of these testimonials and the pictures that come with them. If you would like to see your Boykin on here, please feel free to email me and let us know how your pup is doing (pics are always welcome)! I can't promise to get everyone on here, but I will do my best!

I hope all is well with you. I kept telling myself I was going to
 send photos and an update of my dog Millie, that came from Cammie's 
litter in July '13. Wow, what a joy she has been in my life. She has
 kept things interesting since the day I picked her up. She is 
absolutely head over heels for her tennis ball and frisbee. So much 
so that we have joined the Atlanta Disc Dogs club to compete in 
frisbee competitions. My boyfriend of several years goes quail hunting
 quite a bit and has introduced her into this world. You can't even 
say the word "bird" without her looking to see where they might be.
 She is very petite coming in at 25 lbs. I am so happy that I waited
 a year and a half for the perfect dog from your family. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity to raise one of your little 
brown dogs.

Jamie Walker

Hey Adam, 

I know you don't remember everyone who buys a pup from you guys so I 
don't expect you to remember me. I recently graduated Vet school and 
am currently practicing in Tennessee. I just wanted to email you to 
let you know that my 1.5 year old Boykin is an amazing dog.  My pup, 
Davy Crockett, picked up his first ducks last year and is on track 
to pick up many more this year. He is doing great in his training. 
I just wanted to let you know you guys are doing a good job! 

Whit Morgan

Adam:  Scout gets home next Saturday after four months with trainer 
Doug Growden, who specializes in Boykins. Doug is amazingly patient
and calm with his trainees. For the last two months, I have been
going every Saturday morning so Doug can train me alongside Scouty.
Tomorrow and next Saturday are his final sessions with me for the 
year. He'll go back for a month every year going forward for
conditioning and training prior to hunting season.

Doug currently has 10 Boykins he is training and has repeatedly said
Scout is one of the two best in the bunch and easily the most "eager"
hunter. I've seen several of the others work and, to me, Doug isn't
blowing smoke, this little guy is good. Watching him jump into the
pond upon the release command from me is pretty spectacular and he
swims now very calmly, decoy in his mouth, with no splashing whatsoever. 
It's been special fun watching him improve every week over time and he 
obeys "sit" and "heel" like a pro.

Let me know if Romi ever has another litter coming…I might want another 
of her pups one of these days!!  Thanks so much for providing me a 
wonderful new companion and part of our family. All my best to your mom
as well.
Warmest regards,  

Mrs. Earline,
Maegan and I want to thank you for our puppy, and fill you in on how he is 
getting along. Maui is very loving, energetic, so funny, very social with 
other dogs, and very intelligent. Sometimes too smart! Here are some pics 
of the party few months. We're so proud. Thanks again.

Maegan and Michael

Hey Adam, I just wanted to give you and your mom an update. The male I got 
from the January litter is awesome. He's smarter than most people I know. 
He retrieved his first duck two days ago and his second today. The bird from 
today was a totally blind retrieve. He had no line of sight with the bird
but managed to go straight to it. He's got a drive for it like I've never
seen. I wish I could take credit for training him so well but it's just 
in his blood. Hes 10 months now and was doing water retrieves before he was 
three months. Tell your mother I said thank you and if anyone ever wants a 
reference especially for a gun dog I'd be more than happy to. 

Mike Chatham

Thought you might want to hear about how Toad has been doing.  For reference, 
his Sire is CT Wynnie and his Dam is Homeless's Bogie.  My wife Holly and I picked 
him up from you in Dec 2009.  He is turning into a real hunting dog.  I just 
titled him as SHR in Nashville two weekends ago.  I will start running him in 
the Seasoned division in the Fall.

Shawn Alves

Hi Adam this is Justin Campbell. I bought Lexie from y'all in 2010.  
Just gonna update y'all she is now a HRCH LEXIE LUE CAMPBELL which stands 
for hunting retriever champion. She went 8-8 in the test, she didn't fail
one test. 

Justin Campbell

Ever since we received our male Boykin from you guys he has been nothing 
shy of the best thing that's come into our life! From everybody falling
in love to everybody wanting to get another one! Bryar has been great 
for my whole family! He is now about to go to retrieving school. But as
you can see in pictures he has been retrieving like a champ! Thanks for
the pup! He was a great addition! 

Zach May

Just wanted to give an update and send a picture. This is Jep. I purchased 
him from you guys last November. He is a great dog with a ton of 
personality who loves to chase bumpers. He is out of the Bogie Gauge 
litter. We are very pleased and thanks for all the help.

Cody Weeks

Just wanted to give you an update on our Josie. She is such a great dog
and has been the perfect addition to our family. We have all fallen in
love with her (except for the cat). She is so smart and it has been 
amazingly easy for us to train her this far.  We take her with us 
everywhere we can and my son's whole world revolves around his baby JoJo. 
Im so glad we were able to get her from you guys!!

Rachel Parker

Just wanted to let you and your mom know that "Phiona Flowers" is doing 
great. My wife & I were talking the other night and she's just the best 
dog that we've ever owned. Anyways just wanted to shoot y'all a message, 
please share with your mom & thank you again for the operation y'all have.

Dusty Wilson

This is Roscoe, he is now 8 months! He is the perfect fit for my family!! 
He is great in crowds we bring him tailgating, hiking and swimming he 
loves it all! Such a sweet pup!!!

MacKenzie Hightower

Thought you might like this...
Gauge won the Southern Fried Cotton Tshirt contest. I took this photo 
last season in Missouri.

Grant Guinn


We drove down last year just before Thanksgiving and picked up Gunner,
since the day we got him home he has been a pure joy and has turned out to
be an amazing retriever and companion. I just wanted to send you a message
to say thank you again and let you know that we have nothing but great
things to say about you and your dogs to everyone that asks about him
(everyone that sees him). I have also attached pictures of him and what a
great dog he has turned out to be.

Thank you,
Lee Robbins

Just wanted to say thank you, for selling me Max he's changed my life.
 I took him to the BSS nationals in March and he won best puppy in 
the nation, he also placed a completion in the novice division. Back 
in January I took him to upland BSS nationals and he earned a 
completion there as well.  Mixed in between Jan. and March we've earned
 15 points in the started class with one more pass to go before we 
can move on to the intermediate level. His addition has been a blessing to us.

Wayne Mitchell

Hi Adam,
     A couple months ago, we bought a puppy from you guys, and my 
partner and I just wanted to let you and your mom know that we 
couldn't be more happy with our puppy and we wanted to send you some 
pictures so you guys can see how well he is doing. We are the couple 
from Arizona who were sent the orange collared puppy in June, and we 
named him Tug. He's almost 5 months old now, and he is already 
retrieving bumpers in the water and motors around the water every 
time he can. We just wanted to say thank you again for sending us 
such a great little guy. Hope all is well!

Lindsey and Justin

Good evening,

Our puppy is wonderful!!! He has instantly become a member of our family.
 If I didn't know better, I would swear that he has already been housebroken! 
He is doing such a good job and is so smart. Thank you so much for what 
your family does and for blessing us with this precious part of our family!
 We cant wait until he can go hunting but until then we are enjoying his 
wonderful little personality.

Thank you again for a wonderful experience from beginning until now,

Tammy Sims


Just to let you know how Cooper is doing, my Vet. stated that he is one 
of the best looking boykins he has ever seen.  In case you don't remember 
me I live in Huntsville. Cooper is retrieving in both pool and lake. He 
is using retrieving dummies. He can stay and fetch on command. His coat 
remains wavey and his coloring is beautiful.  I will send you a pic. if 
you would like one. He is a great dog.

Thanks so much,

Jane T. Harper

ps: I am really glad I got the one left over.

My name is Justin Campbell. I bought Lexie from you in June. She is now
 5 months old and she is awesome. She is everything I hoped she would be
 and more!!  She is doing great she has an awesome drive to retrieve and
 she absolutely loves the water and is crazy about birds. Thank you so 
much for her we love her so much! She lives inside with us but she is also 
a hunting dog that is what makes her so great!!!  I highly recommend 
Smith Boykins to anyone who is looking for a Boykin, you won't go wrong 
with the Smith's...great dogs and great people!!!  

Thanks again,

Hey Adam,
I just wanted to update you on JW (Jenny x Gauge litter).  He's doing
 awesome.  He's already sitting to the whistle and comes to the whistle.
  I think he'll be swimming soon.  He's taken to the water on our daily
 hikes.  Stud!  I think he will be an awesome hunting dog.  If he 
continues to pan out I'd love to breed him when he's 2 or so.  I'm quite 
impressed with what he's picked up on in just two weeks and he's not even
 8 weeks yet.  I attached a couple recent pics of him.
Thanks again for a great dog!

Email Adam at capnsmitty@gmail.com